Storage Unit Rental Agreement

By on April 12, 2021.

Lesser agrees to lend it up to a month and a month in [Facility.Street] starting with [Agreement.CreatedDate]. This stock lease will remain fully in effect until the cancellation by one of the parties. Storage space and lease unit – this lease agreement, created and concluded by a tenancy agreement designated below as the tenant, attests: taking into account the obligation of the tenant to pay… The tenant recognizes that the unit is not used as an apartment, business place or for purposes other than the storage of personal property. Do NOT use your device as a nuisance, nuisance, inconvenience or danger to anyone. 5. AVOID FEES AND LOCKOUT BY ONE-TIME PAYMENT. If the tenant has an outstanding balance after 5 days after the due date, Cannon Self Storage may refuse access to the tenant`s premises. Because Cannon Self Storage may inculant additional costs if the tenant no longer reaches or reaches their contract, Cannon Self Storage may charge additional rent (late fee). The customer accepted the list of late fees and the addendum “Storage Rules After” to this lease. Late charges can be changed without notice. 7.

USE OF THE STORAGE UNIT. Cannon Self Storage is not busy storing goods for rent and no derailments are created as part of this agreement. Cannon Self Storage has neither the preservation nor control of the tenant`s stored property. The tenant agrees to use the storage unit only for the storage of the property 100% owned by the tenant. 17. WE CAN ENTER YOUR UNIT. Cannon Self Storage has the right at all times to enter the unit or units to carry out repairs (but this provision does not require Cannon Self Storage to make repairs), to determine whether the provisions of this Agreement have been or will be complied with and to enforce the provisions of the Agreement, including all rights or remedies. In addition, Tenant grants Cannon Self Storage the right to remove any blockage or other security features from the tenant that will secure the unit without notice to the tenant if the tenant is late under this Agreement. The Tenant accepts that Cannon Self Storage is not responsible for any losses, theft or damage to the tenant`s goods that may occur after the tenant is blocked or other security devices. In the event of an emergency, Cannon Self Storage or its agents or representatives of a government agency have the right to remove the tenant`s castle and its entire unit. 13. SELF-STORAGE OF CANNONS IS NOT FOR BODILY INJURY.

Cannon Self Storage, its agents and employees are not responsible for the tenant`s injuries or deaths due to the tenant`s use of the storage unit or self-storage facility, even if the breach is caused by active or passive acts or omissions or negligence of Cannon Self Storage, its agents or employees. THE , is $5,000. Nothing in this section is considered a liability on the part of Cannon Self Storage to the tenants for the loss of damage to the tenant`s property, regardless of the cause.