Agreement To Provide Producer Statement

By on September 10, 2021.

The Council should be aware of the date on which it expects to receive builder`s declarations during the building permit procedure. They must ensure that the contractor`s undertaking includes the need to make the manufacturer`s declaration after the completion of the work. The manufacturer`s declarations are signed by a recognized specialist (usually an engineer or architect) working in his field of competence. The specialist must ensure that the SP is complete and accurate and that they have met the requirements of their sector code. A producer statement is a professional opinion based on sound judgment and expertise. This is not a product warranty or a guarantee of conformity. Producer Statements (PS) are formal written statements confirming that certain works, designs or specifications meet the technical requirements to meet the provisions of the New Zealand Building Code or building permit. The declaration is signed by the author (a recognized specialist such as the engineer or architect) who works in his field of competence. It is the responsibility of the author of the manufacturer`s declaration to ensure that he meets the requirements of his sector code, practical instructions and directives and that he issues a complete and accurate declaration of the manufacturer. The manufacturer`s declaration must cover the clauses of the construction code relevant to the project. For example, if the engineer`s design applies to a structural element of the proposed building project, it must meet the construction requirements to be structurally sound (B1) and sustainable (B2), as it does not remain structurally sound without the required shelf life and is therefore not suitable for this purpose. Designs and PS1 support should cover both B1 and B2. In addition to the lack of an adequate declaration on compliance with the building rules, the non-coverage of B2 would constitute a violation of the manufacturer`s indications, which are generally used for specialized work such as engineering, or where there is a proprietary product installed by mandated contractors.

Aspects of this work will not be the subject of an internal Board expertise and a producer statement may assist the Board in determining whether the construction work complies with the Building Code. The boards will apply their judgment if they take into account the manufacturers` statements and the weight they must give them. “We are currently in the process of extending the producer`s author`s statement over a period of time, instead of all recordings taking place on the same day. Based on this statement, the expiry date of the authors has been postponed to 31.12.2019 to the expiry date of 01.07.2019, as we go through the new renewal process. Perhaps at the end of some construction projects, you will need to provide a PS3 (Producer Statement – Construction). In your building permit approval letter, you should inquire if you need a PS3 as part of your application for a Code Compliance Certificate.