Isi Civil Affairs Agreement Di Surabaya

By on September 24, 2021.

What do you know about the civil agreement? At that time, the Dutch did not have a strong and organized armed unit. There were only former Japanese prisoners whose physical condition could not fight. The Dutch government held a series of meetings and lobbies with the British government. On August 24, 1945, cheques were signed near London, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom by the Civil Affairs Agreement (CAA), which was signed in a memorandum of law of August 24, 1945. On the other hand, the British were allowed to control the port and airfields in the north and the storage area in the south until the internment could be evacuated. While Indonesian forces controlled the city center, which was to be liberated by the British army. To expand your knowledge of the CAA, the Indonesian Revolution and the PRRII-Permesta, click on the following link: After Japan took place on the 15th The Dutch, who still felt masters of their former colonies, were preparing to return to the Indië Nederlands as rulers. Indeed, the Netherlands had lost its right to Dutch-Indian territory because, on 9 March 1942, in Kalijati, near Subang, after being beaten for a week by the Japanese army, the Dutch Government, represented by the Commander-in-Chief of the Dutch Army, Lieutenant General Hein ter Poorten, had signed a document of unconditional surrender to the Dai Nippon Army led by Lieutenant General HitoChi Imamura. Commander of the 16th Army. Until the Allied forces and the NICA, who originally wanted to control the colony, ended up defending the separatist territory of the Republic of Indonesia. – The arrival of the Allies and the Netherlands in Indonesia took place after the Allies won World War II and surrendered unconditionally to the Allies. On a sheet of paper, the Dutch “ceded” the entire territory of Dutch India to the Japanese. 3 AFNEI ARRIVED IN INDONESIA DIBONCENGI BY NICA15 SEPTEMBER 1945 AFNEI ARRIVED IN INDONESIA DIBONCENGI BY NICA WITH THE AIM OF ACCEPTING THE TRANSFER OF POWER FROM JAPAN DISARMAMENT AND REPATRIATION OF JAPANESE SOLDIERS FREE JAPANESE PRISONERS MAINTAINING SECURITY AND ORDER, SO THAT THE IMPLEMENTATION OF THE TASK OF RETURNING TO INDONESIAN TERRITORY AS A COLONY OF THE KINGDOM OF THE NETHERLANDS On November 7, 1945, a letter from Mansergh to the governor of Suryo….