Leu AGRO – Russia Farm Development Update

Leu-AGRO, Agriculture Development Group Switzerland, Startup-Agriculture Company dedicated to the development of large scale Farms on the Territory of the Russian Federation (RF) for the sound and economical production of agricultural raw material, value added semi manufactured commodities and seed.

Focusing on large scale farming, applying innovative and organic state of the art No-Till-Farming technology with rationalized production processes. To become the reliable and consistent supplier of best in class grain / commodities of highest quality for domestic and international customers.

Global Agriculture is facing significant problems with many millions of people going hungry and the world struggling to meet demand for growth in calories within the planetary boundaries. Our Vision in collaboration, with its associates and partners, Leu-AGRO aspires to be among the elite global producers of agricultural commodities with an integral cultural ethos.

Leu-AGRO Swiss led mixed Team of Agriculture Specialist from Russia and around the Globe, all with massive experience in Russian Agriculture and WORKING Know-How on the Ground in the Central Black Earth region of Russia.

Leu-AGRO has the Opportunity to Take Over and Develop an Existing Farming Operation in the Volga and Central Federal District of Russian Federation, there are different Projects available from 25’000 ha (65’000 acre) to large scale operation in excess of  200’000 ha (500’000 acre) of Arable Land Bank. The Different Projects will give Opportunities for Dry Land Grain Production, Irrigation and Vegetable Farming and Cow Calf Beef Operations. Land will be made available through purchase and rent / lease for up to 49 years.

Investment Proposal for Development Volga Basin AGRO, the Investment is planned to be split in Land (Land Development) and Production (Farming Company). The Investment will offer the investor an outstanding Agriculture Project Opportunity.

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