Leu AGRO – Vision Statement

Leu-Agro, in collaboration with its associates and partners aspires to be among the elite global producers of agricultural commodities with an integral cultural ethos of ethical probity. As a startup venture, Leu-Agro aims to produce agriculture commodities by effective utilization of vertically integrated production design in the greater interest of increased efficiency and productivity. 
With a novel procedure of contracted production, we here at Leu-Agro believe that we will be able to flourish a self-sustaining network of mutually beneficial association with our partners. Our environmental and social footprint is as important to us as our growth; Leu-Agro will deploy environmentally sustainable and labor friendly policies with state of the art workplaces and facilities.

Leu AGRO – Goals to Achieve

In the pursuit of our vision, we here at Leu-Agro aim to introduce projects in Russia and the CIS, which undoubtedly have the potential to become one of world’s premiere agricultural producer and exporter.
There will be four projects to serve as a platform for our growth, with agriculture produce most fitted for regional climatic and farming conditions. Together with these four projects, we will yield significant agricultural products for the purpose of selling and export to the increasing food market.