Operational Design

Operational Design:

Leu-Argo’s core competency lies in its operational design, with its capability of vertical integration as core formulae for its success. Our venture will have four projects, in different geographical locations in the Russian Federation. Primary reason for choosing Russia as the host nation for our project lies in its ability to transform its underdeveloped agricultural region into a prosperous and productive landscape. The chosen regions also have somewhat reasonable climatic conditions, which are relatively conducive to farming. Such a potential is also complemented with ease of accessibility of land for sale and rent, and perpetual development of infrastructure in these regions offers a great opportunity which should not be missed. Marin Leu’s personal knowledge of land quality for the purpose of agriculture is an important factor in choosing Russia as our host country.

Each project will be setup as compact as possible, divided into large clusters of land, with each having an approximate size of 40’000 plus ha minimum in a radius of 50 km. in the center of these farming clusters, there will be a central base, to reduce the risk of potential losses from thefts and climatic hazards. Connected to this base will be a swift execution and logistics center including grain drying and storage, ensured by a rail access point to load and unload rail cars. This central base’s will act as central base to support the cluster farms on administration, logistic, maintenance and engineering.

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