Mission Statement – Leu AGRO


Leu Argo’s core business will be the production of high quality, raw and value added semi manufactured commodities and food ingredients, on large scale farms in the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan for domestic and international markets.


Leu-AGRO is a Switzerland conglomerate that specializes in the development of agricultural operations in the Russian Federation.  The enterprise is effectively positioned for sustainable and robust agriculture operation and farming with a posture that is aimed at ensuring practical and cost-effective production of agriculture products, intermediate goods, and seeds.
Leu-AGRO effectively adopts an unprecedented organic approach with high tech agricultural machinery for No-Till farming operations to achieve optimum efficiency and yield. Leu-Agro is driven by an unwavering commitment to become on of the most dependable and stable provider of premium quality grains and intermediate goods for an ever-increasing local and foreign market.
The worldwide posture of agriculture is experiencing a steady decline with widespread hunger and nutritional deficiencies. Reluctantly, there is an incumbent need for relief and sustainable production of food. In the bid to tackle this challenge, we have adopted a vertical integration strategy that is aimed at bolstering proficiency and growth. The issue of environmental pollution and global warming is another issue that is being carefully considered in the technical deployment and production strategies.

Objectives of the Project:

  • Setup of agriculture production and value added manufacturing companies in the Russian Federation.
  • Produce and Harvest high quality agriculture products.
  • Become a leading supplier of quality raw agriculture commodities and food products.
  • Reach the point where profitability is sustainability achieved.

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