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The Ministry of Agriculture has developed a state program for involving agricultural land in circulation !!!

Until 2030, its implementation will require 1.41 trillion rubles  !!!

Ministry of Agriculturedeveloped a state program for the effective involvement of agricultural land in the circulation and development of the reclamation complex. The draft government decree on its approval is posted on the portal of draft regulatory legal acts. The planned date of entry into force of the document is March 2020, the implementation period of the state program is 2021-2030, its cost exceeds 1.41 trillion rubles, including about 887.9 billion rubles. from the federal budget. In 2021, 171.1 billion rubles should be allocated for the program, including 100.6 billion rubles. from the federal budget. The state program will help to increase food security in Russia and the sustainable development of the agricultural sector, the document says. 
The first goal of the program is the collection and systematization of data on agricultural land. Every year, it is planned to collect information on 38.3 million ha. Now there is no data or they are not reliable and fragmented, and there is also no single information resource that would answer various questions about the composition, structure of ownership, land quality , etc. , the document says. Therefore, it is impossible to analyze the progress of land involvement in circulation and effectively manage this process. 
Also, according to the draft state program, it is planned to approve land management schemes for 44 million hectares of agricultural land in municipalities over ten years: to conduct land surveying of lands that are in common ownership, identify unclaimed plots, put the plots on cadastral registration, etc.  
Another goal is the involvement of at least 12 million hectares by 2030. In addition, by this time, the area of ​​reclaimed land should increase by at least 1.6 million hectares compared to 2018, when it amounted to 96.12 thousand hectares, the document says. Crop production on reclaimed land over 10 years should increase by 145% compared to 2018. At the same time, the degree of depreciation of fixed assets of the land reclamation complex in state ownership should decrease from 78% in 2020 to 49.9% in 2030. Ministry of Agriculture expects that thanks to the construction and reconstruction of land reclamation facilities, by the end of 2030 it will be possible to prevent the reclamation of 3.8 million hectares of reclaimed land, as well as protect against water erosion, flooding and flooding up to 829.3 thousand hectares. 
In September, Minister of Agriculture Dmitry Patrushev, speaking in the State Duma, said that the department plans to launch a separate program for land reclamationaccording to which by 2025 about 700 thousand hectares of reclaimed land will be involved in the turnover. The departmental program “Development of the Land Reclamation Complex of Russia” for the period 2019-2025, as well as the federal project “Export of Agro-Industrial Products”, which also includes increasing grain production on reclaimed lands by 2.3 million tons, soybeans by 1, is currently operating. 3 million tons by 2025. In 2019, 15.8 billion rubles were allocated for land reclamation, however, state support for this direction, according to the Accounting Chamber, has one of the lowest cash performance indicators. As of September 1, only 14.6% of the funds were delivered to the final recipients.
In addition, the new state program provides for increasing soil fertility and maintaining the stability of agrolandscapes on an area of ​​at least 660 thousand hectares through agroforestry and phytomeliorative measures. In 2018, they were carried out on 130.5 thousand ha. It is also planned to liming 9 million ha of acidic soils by 2030. This year, according to the state program for the development of agriculture, 1 billion rubles should be allocated for deoxidation of soils. subsidies. Farmers will be able to receive up to 90% compensation for the costs of the purchase, transportation and introduction of land reclamants, said earlier at the conference “Agroinvestor” “Agroholdings of Russia” the deputy head of the Ministry of Agriculture Elena Fastova.
Thanks to the implementation of the state program, the Ministry of Agricultureplans to provide information support for agricultural producers in the field of land relations and to form a market for agricultural land. The concentration of numerous functions in a single institute with innovative approaches and modern IT technologies will allow us to quickly solve any problems in the development of the country’s agricultural sector, the document says.   
The state program involves the allocation of subsidies for the preparation of land surveying projects from common land ownership, registration of unused lands with cadastral registration, as well as irrigation, cultural, agroforestry and phytomeliorative measures and for liming acidic soils. 

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