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Licensed Substance Abuse Treatment Practitioner ­ Professionals who are licensed to antibiotic resistance presentation minocycline 50 mg discount provide advanced substance abuse treatment and independent treatment for dogs chewing paws discount minocycline 50mg with visa, direct and unsupervised treatment to antibiotics for acne and depression effective minocycline 50 mg such individuals or groups of individuals antibiotics making sinus infection worse cheap minocycline 50mg on-line, and to plan, evaluate, supervise, and direct substance abuse treatment provided by others. Where they can be found: Inpatient substance abuse treatment centers, community services boards, private outpatient mental health, and substance abuse clinics. License/licensure ­ Permission granted to an individual or organization by a competent authority, usually public to engage lawfully in a practice, occupation, or activity. It is usually granted based on examination and/or proof of education rather than on measures of performance. A license is usually permanent, but may be conditioned on annual payment of a fee, proof of continuing education, or proof of competence. Major Depression Disorder ­ One or more major depressive episodes without a history of mania. Mandated ­ Designation provided to children receiving funding under the Virginia Comprehensive Services Act. State and local governments are required by law to appropriate sufficient funds for services for these youth. Children and adolescents who fall within this category are generally those who receive individualized services from the education and foster care systems. Limbic System ­ A group of interconnected brain structures, common to all mammals, which support a variety of functions, including emotion, motivation, behavior, and smell. Mania ­ A distinct period of abnormally and persistently elevated, expansive, or irritable mood. Where they can be found: Community services boards, private outpatient mental health and substance abuse clinics. Massed Negative Practice ­ One of the most frequently used behavioral therapy techniques in the treatment of children with tic disorder in which the individual is asked to deliberately perform the tic movement for specified periods of time interspersed with brief periods of rest. Mentorship Services ­ Individuals who serve as role models and caring adult support figures outside of the immediate family, and often serve a protective role in the lives of at-risk youth. Some specific activities include crisis intervention and problem solving, academic assistance, vocational support and recreation, and most importantly, developing a supportive and helpful relationship with the child. These types of services may be provided by community services boards, social service agencies, private clinics, and volunteer agencies. Methadone Detoxification and Maintenance ­ Services that combine outpatient treatment with the administering of methadone as a substitute narcotic drug, in decreasing doses, until the individual reaches a drug-free state. Mood Disorders ­ Category of mental health problems including all types of depression and bipolar disorder. Mood Stabilizer ­ Psychiatric medication used in the treatment of bipolar disorder to suppress swings between mania and depression. This approach views drug use in terms of network of influences (individual, family, peer, community) and encourages treatment across settings in multiple ways. Neurobiology ­ the branch of biology that deals with the anatomy and physiology and pathology of the nervous system. Neuroimaging ­ Use of various techniques to either directly or indirectly image the structure, function/pharmacology of the brain. Neuroleptic drugs may produce a state of apathy, lack of initiative, and limited range of emotion. In psychotic patients, neuroleptic drugs cause a reduction in confusion and agitation. Neuropsychiatry ­ Branch of medicine dealing with mental disorders attributable to diseases of the nervous system. Neurotransmitters ­ In the brain, these chemicals transfer messages from one nerve cell to another and affect mood. Non-mandated ­ Designation given to youths who are referred for services under the Virginia Comprehensive Services Act for which the Commonwealth is not required to provide complete funding. Children and adolescents who fall into this category are generally referred for treatment by the juvenile justice or mental health systems.

He stated that virus repair proven minocycline 50 mg, realizing that uniformly severe punishment for child pornography is not a good "one size antimicrobial vs antibiotic 50 mg minocycline. Ambrose bacterial zoonoses minocycline 50mg on-line, Chief United States District Judge Judge Ambrose urged the Commission to bacteria zone buy generic minocycline 50mg line review the increasingly harsh child pornography guidelines. Arcara, Chief United States District Judge Judge Arcara would like the guidelines to assist in determining, especially in child pornography cases where the guidelines use number of images to determine offense levels, which defendants pose a real danger to the community and a risk to children. Judge Arcara expressed concern that prosecutorial influence on sentencing, through the use of "fact bargaining" and substantial assistance departures, may result in disparity. Judge Arcara wondered whether Congress really intended for all child pornography sentences to be at or near the statutory maximum as dictated by so many guideline adjustments. Judge Woodcock believes the mandatory minimums are too high in child pornography cases and asked the Commission to work with Congress to review those penalties. Judge Woodcock discussed the factors he considers, both guideline and non-guideline, when imposing a sentence in a child pornography case. Bunin argues that the child pornography guidelines are "dramatically flawed" and overly harsh. Kane, Senior United States District Judge Judge Kane stated that some of the difficulties with child pornography cases are that "we do not see producers of these films. He discussed two of his cases involving the possession of child pornography obtained on the Internet where the defendants were severely disabled, one on dialysis, the other a quadriplegic. He stated that the sentences for such individuals are the same as those for persons "actually profiting from these films, selling them and dealing with them. Gaouette stated that some judges are "making it clear what they believe an appropriate sentence should be with little or no consideration of the advisory guideline range. Gaouette believes that the "current state of federal sentencing system increasingly favors judicial discretion over uniformity, consistency and certainty. Jones discussed what he perceived to be cases of local disparity within his district, such as where significant below-guideline variances were granted in child pornography cases. Federal Public and Community Defenders Nick Drees, Federal Public Defender, Northern and Southern Districts of Iowa Mr. He stated that "the guidelines for child pornography offenses, driven by congressional directives and also mandatory minimums, are simply too severe. He stated that judges have decided to apply only parts of the guideline because some enhancements, like use of a computer, apply in virtually every case. He believes that prosecutors create unwarranted uniformity in child pornography cases by prosecuting primarily offenders who are not dangerous. Drees maintains that the vast majority of defendants in these cases have no prior criminal history and very few have a history of sexual abuse or exploitation. He stated that "recidivism research shows that child pornography offenders, without prior contact offenses, have a very low risk of recidivism of any kind, rarely commit a subsequent contact offense, and do very well in treatment and under supervision. Drees recommends that the Commission provide explanations for the pornography guidelines, "stating what purpose or purposes each guideline is meant to accomplish, and by providing the evidence upon which the Commission relied to conclude that the guideline would be effective in achieving the intended purposes. Moore discussed appellate cases affirming district court sentencing decisions that reached different results with regard to the soundness of the child pornography guidelines. The problem is that courts do not know the underlying bases of these guidelines or what purposes of sentencing a given guideline is trying to accomplish. In other words, the solution is better guidelines, ones that are empirically based, fully explained in a rational and transparent fashion, responsive to judicial feedback and informed public comment, and reflecting advancement in knowledge of human behavior as it relates to the criminal justice process. He expressed a concern over the "increasing number of downward departures" in child pornography sentences which he believes results in "token sentences" that "trivialize and minimize. Allen stated that child pornography is a serious crime that merits serious punishment. Allen stated that in his view, the "fundamental problem is that child pornography is misnamed and misunderstood. Allen believes that "child pornography depicts crime scene photos, images of the sexual abuse of a child. Allen stated that the circulation of these images "not only revictimizes the child" but also "drives the market for the production of new images.

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See Chapter 2 at 35 (discussing Ninth Circuit cases applying the enhancement to antibiotic resistant klebsiella discount 50 mg minocycline fast delivery child pornography cases involving very young victims) antimicrobial silver cheap minocycline 50mg online. However zinc antimicrobial properties buy discount minocycline 50mg online, most courts in production cases involving very young victims have not applied this enhancement antibiotic resistance research grants trusted minocycline 50mg. In cases where there was more than one victim in a single case, the age of the youngest victim is reported. As shown in Figure 9­14 below, a large majority of offenders in fiscal year 2010 production cases were known to their victims; over two-thirds (68. Either the offenders solicited explicit pictures from juveniles in Internet "chat rooms" or through social media, or they groomed their victims through social media or chat rooms and then attempted to meet the victim. Cases with only male victims were more likely to have multiple victims than cases with only female victims. There were over eight times as many non-production prosecutions as production prosecutions in fiscal year 2010. In fiscal year 2010, the average prison sentence for production offenders was over 22 years (269. Average sentences steadily increased during the past two decades as a result of several amendments to both the penal statute and sentencing guideline governing production cases. In fiscal year 2010, the vast majority of production offenders sentenced under §2G2. In fiscal year 2010, the average sentence for production offenders was approximately twice as long as the average sentence for offenders convicted of R/T/D offenses and approximately four times as long as the average sentence for offenders convicted only of possession. In fiscal year 2010, in production cases in which a below-range sentence was imposed, the average extent of nongovernment sponsored downward departures and variances was 24. In fiscal year 2011, in production cases in which a below-range sentence was imposed, the average extent of non-government sponsored downward departures and variances was 20. As a result of these recent trends, during the past two fiscal years, the average sentence in production cases has begun to fall below the average guideline minimum for the first time. Previously, from fiscal year 1992 until fiscal year 2009, the average sentence was equal to or above the average guideline minimum in production cases. The typical production offender in fiscal year 2010 was a white male United States citizen in his early forties who had at least some college education and was employed at the time of the offense. Victims in production cases were mostly female and prepubescent and knew the offenders (as most were relatives, family friends, or persons in a position of trust vis-а-vis the victims). As discussed below, effective supervision and treatment of offenders (as a condition of supervision) are important means of reducing recidivism1 and promoting public safety. Except for offenders convicted of simple possession, child pornography offenders with predicate convictions for sex offenses, who were all Class B felons, could receive a maximum of five years of supervised release. Simple possession offenders with predicate convictions, who were class D felons, could receive three-year maximum terms of supervised release. Therefore, the current guideline effectively recommends a lifetime term of supervised release for all child pornography offenders. By contrast, offenders convicted of an obscenity offense in chapter 71 of title 18 but sentenced under the child pornography guidelines - of whom there were five such offenders in fiscal year 2010, see Chapter 6 at 146 n. As the law now stands, Congress has permitted and the Sentencing Commission has recommended a lifetime term of supervised release for every child pornography offender. Conditions of Supervision Federal statutory and guideline provisions set forth several mandatory or discretionary conditions of supervised release applicable to sex offenders generally, including both production and non-production child pornography offenders. Circuit courts generally have upheld such restrictions, even those for a substantial period of time, if an offender did more than simply use an Internet-enabled computer to collect child pornography (either by distributing child pornography via a computer or by attempting to communicate with a minor for sexual purposes). The discussion of sex offender conditions appears on pages 20­27 of the supervised release report, available at. Revocation of Supervised Release the primary statute governing supervised release, 18 U. A court need only find by a preponderance of the evidence that the offender committed a new sex offense while on supervised release. From 1992 through 2003, in both production and non-production cases, district courts imposed terms of supervised release in more than 98 percent of cases in which a term of imprisonment was imposed. A mandatory condition of supervision for all federal offenders is that they "not commit another Federal, State, or local crime during the term of supervision.

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The second provides a qualitative description of the types of images that are possessed by federal child pornography offenders as recounted in recent federal judicial opinions antibiotics for sinus infection pregnancy cheap minocycline 50 mg online. In general infection leg pain purchase minocycline 50mg without prescription, the Commission here relies primarily on social science research and available judicial opinions bacteria 2012 purchase 50 mg minocycline visa. See Chapter 6 at 140­41 (noting that antibiotics that cover pseudomonas generic minocycline 50 mg line, in fiscal year 2010 non-production cases, 96. Child Pornography Image Data Online child pornography offending is a global crime where the particular images may be collected and traded by offenders across the world. Once an image is in Internet circulation, there are no country-specific borders, and data collected in other countries regarding the content of images is likely to be applicable to U. It is unclear whether this trend relates to a relatively few commonly traded images available on peer-to-peer filesharing networks or new types of victimization. Department of Justice") ("DeBrota Testimony") ("[I]n 1996, there were no readily traded series on the Internet involving infants and toddlers. The Online Victimization Survey relies on interviews with law enforcement individuals in over 2,500 United States agencies regarding the child pornography collections of arrested offenders. The Online Victimization Survey reports data from interviews conducted in 2000 and again in 2006. Data from the 2006 survey showed that 28 percent of offenders possessed at least one image of a child under three years of age. The Online Victimization Survey reports that in 2000 and 2006, more offenders collected child pornography collections featuring primarily female victims images than primarily male victim images. While most offenders in 2006 possessed both still images and videos (58% possessed at least one video), still images were more common. In 2006, more than two-thirds of offenders (68%) possessed at least some adult pornography86 and 21 percent of offenders possessed nonsexual images of children. Mitchell, Child-Pornography Possessors Arrested in Internet-Related Crimes: Findings From the National Juvenile Online Victimization Study, 44 (2005). No information is provided about victims who have not yet been identified or images that are not frequently submitted. Judicial opinions reflect that some minor victims are depicted as compliant or even happy during the sexual acts,103 while others are shown to be in pain and crying ­ occasionally as the result of sexual torture. A caption at the top of the photograph reads `Two Years Little Girls Tortured with Needle. Some of the movies showed girls as young as six or eight in bondage or engaging in sex acts with an animal. Two other photographs depicted an adult man with a child who appeared to be no more than three years old and a nude man with a young female whose genitalia was exposed. The videos also depict digital penetration of females under the age of 12, by adult males. Child Pornography Communities and Socialization Child pornography communities are varied. Some exist primarily as a means to find trading partners, while others are dedicated to furthering sexual interest in children. In particular, offenders who receive and distribute child pornography images via "open" P2P file-sharing networks may not communicate directly with 115 116 117 United States v. Safir, Forced online: Push Factors of Internet Sexuality: A Preliminary Study of Online Paraphilic Empowerment, 51 J. Fortin, supra note 118, at 5­11 (finding that fewer than 25% of child pornography group members were responsible for posting all images). An offender who does may not be involved in a trading community and "may even be an entry-level offender. More sophisticated offenders may remain in the comparatively safer confines of newsgroups or chat channels. One very sophisticated child pornography ring "utilized a maze of rotating newsgroups and parallel newsgroup postings not only to communicate with one another but also to hide their communications from outsiders. Grant, Digital Forensics Investigator, Office of the Federal Public Defender, Western District of New York, to the Commission, Tr.

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These sites usually do not directly host illegal child pornography and instead typically feature sexualized images of children that straddle the standards for legality virus 85 generic minocycline 50mg visa. Jenkins discusses the transitory manner that child pornography can be anonymously posted and then information about where one goes to virus 41 states cheap minocycline 50mg with mastercard get the images or the codes to bacteria found in water purchase 50 mg minocycline mastercard unlock the images can be distributed within the online community antibiotic resistance causes cheap minocycline 50 mg line. Immigration and Customs Enforcement estimates the number of commercial sites active at any given time at about 250, although many are short-lived and are available for less than 100 days. A large-scale prosecution for sexualized child modeling websites occurred in Alabama. One offender possessed child pornography on his computer in addition to his involvement with the child modeling site, another offender pleaded to money laundering, and the third was both a photographer of sexualized child images and hosted a child modeling website. Popular ways to stream legal video content include Hulu and Amazon Instant Video, both of which permit individuals to watch television shows and movies on Internet-enabled devices. Technology Child Pornography Offenders Use to Evade Detection and Prosecution Because of the illicit nature of the trade, child pornography offenders have learned to harness various technologies to evade law enforcement detection and to lessen the likelihood of successful prosecution if caught. Obscuring Identity or Location An offender may attempt to prevent authorities from discovering his true identity by employing simple techniques like not downloading child pornography using a computer or account associated with his residence or workplace. In particular, he may make his identity untraceable by downloading from free or public wireless local area (Wi-Fi) networks at places like libraries, airports, and coffee shops, or by logging on to unsecured Wi-Fi networks in nearby private residences. Lin, Webcasting Adoption: Technology Fluidity, User Innovativeness, and Media Substitution, 48 J. Webcasting typically refers to a visual content that is being shown "live," however, webcasts may also be recorded and streamed as video. A forensically aware offender will be difficult to catch and even a naпve one will take time to prosecute successfully. A study of child pornography offenders arrested in 2006 found that 77% mainly used computers at home, 3% mainly used work computers, and 19% used computers in other places, 56 Chapter 3: Technology and Investigation by Law Enforcement in Child Pornography Cases pay for access (and thus risk law enforcement detection), many use alternative or anonymous payment methods such as digital currencies to disguise their identities. Safeguarding Child Pornography Collections Beyond obscuring identity, many child pornographers make their child pornography collections more difficult to discover and analyze through various means. Some offenders rename their child pornography files so a casual observer will not recognize the illegal nature of the file. For example, an image or video file may be given an innocuous-sounding name, like "soccer. Some offenders have also been known to use steganography, which "make[s] it possible to hide an illegal image within an otherwise innocuous file. Boris Margolin, Matthew Wright & Brian Neil Levine, Guardian: A Framework for Privacy Control in Untrusted Environments, U. It is easy to exchange messages using remailers that anonymise communications and then forward them to their destination. Emerging Technology There appears to be a shift by some child pornography offenders toward even more secretive and sophisticated technologies. As briefly recounted above, some child pornography offenders utilize powerful multi-proxy anonymizing routers such as Tor and Freenet. Fottrell Testimony, supra note 67, at 24­25; but see Grant Testimony, supra note 68, at 44­47 (cautioning that encryption and other privacy features are also used for legal purposes such as to protect against identity theft); see also Thomas J. While Freenet does not support child pornography or other illegal activity, it prioritizes freedom of speech and anonymity. Freenet discourages those who do not hold similar priorities from using Freenet by stating, "[i]f this is not acceptable to you, you should not run a Freenet node. This invisible Internet is referred to alternately as "Deep Web," "Dark Net," "Darknet," and "Dark Web. Deep Web has been described as a "parallel" Internet that exists below the "surface" Internet. Offender Culpability and Technology Offenders vary tremendously with respect to their technological sophistication and use of technology. Some federal offenders appear to be less technologically sophisticated than other offenders. A study conducted of local law-enforcement agencies about child pornography offenders arrested in 2006 found that just one in five child pornography possessors used a technical method to hide images.

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